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great. >> ann, thank you for having me to introduce you at the matrix awards. >> what did you learn? is. >> alan alda is on the show tomorrow. >> i learned about two new polls, one in a conservative district of south carolina, one in the state of texas that still show that same 85%, 90% in favor of background checks. >> background checks. exactly. if it is way too early, it is "morning joe." but stick around, chuck todd is straight ahead complaining about laguardia airport and much more on "the daily rundown." have a good day. i'm sure there's a delay. weapon of mass destruction. boston bombing suspect is read his rights and lawmakers raise new questions about what law enforcement knew about him and his brother prior to last week's deadly attack. food for thought. president obama's slaft dinner dates continues tonight. this time it is with the women of the senate. how much could these meals be the ticket to some deals?
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no evidence yet. a bonanza of second chance surprises. mark sanford blazing a trail, trying to make old faces new again. but can any of these folks actually get elected again? good morning from washington. i'm chuck todd. this is your tuesday edition of "the daily rundown." it is april 23rd. right to my first reads of the morning. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev who was shot in the head, neck, leg and hands according to newly released documents, has been officially charged with using a weapon of mass destruction that resulted in three deaths and more than 170 injuries. he's also been charged with malicious destruction of property by means of an explosive device resulting in death. both charges carry the death penalty as a maximum sentence. tsarnaev was read his miranda rights in a brief bedside session in the intensive care unit at boston's beth israel hospital. the appearance began when a magistrate judge asked a doctor whether he was alert saying you can rouse him.
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according to a transcript of the appearance, tsarnaev nodded for times to questions but spoke just one word. when asked can you afford a lawyer, he answered simply -- no. the government says it has photographic evidence placing tsarnaev and his brother at the scene of the bombings as well as physical evidence tying them to the attacks. in the complaint the fbi says that at 2:38 p.m. on the day of the bombings, 11 minutes before the first bomb went off, a surveillance camera shows dzhokhar and tamerlan tsarnaev walking toward the boston marathon finish line with backpacks. then a surveillance camera mounted on the restaurant nearby captures crucial pieces of evidence. seven minutes before the first bombing the video which still hasn't been released shows dzhokhar walking toward the second bombing site. three minutes later he works his way into the crowd and takes his backpack off. the fbi says still photos show the backpack on the ground at his feet. when the first bomb goes off, tsarnaev remains calm as the people around him respond to the
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blast. he walks away without his backpack and ten second later the second bomb goes off in the spot where he left the backpack. complaint reveals that agents searched dzhokhar tsarnaev's u. mass dartmouth dorm room and they found bbs and large pyro tech. investigators found a bomb of the same brand of pressure cooker used in the bombs in the thursday night shoot-out. >> within minutes i had six of my officers, four on duty, two off duty, that are engaged in this gun fight. it continues and the bad guys go back to one of their vehicles an open a trunk at some point and that's when they heave something at our officers and there is a huge explosion. that's the first bomb that went off. that was the one that had the pressure cooker, the little bit of it was embedded in the car down the street. how my officers survived just that was remarkable.
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>> for the first time the s.w.a.t. team which made the final arrest on friday night told their story. >> when we were moving up to the boat he was actually laying down on the side of the boast, one leg out, one hand out. >> did he say anything to you? did he do anything? >> i don't think he had the energy to say anything. once we got him on the ground, he was complying, he was going in and out of consciousness. >> the criminal complaint filed in u.s. district court in boston pretty much ends the debate how one of the first successful terror attacks in the u.s. since september 11th should be hand. jay carney repeated tsarnaev will not be treated as an enemy combatant. south carolina senator lindsey graham rushed to the senate gallery to speak out. >> last thing in the world i want to do is turn intelligence gathering over to the terror suspect and their lawyer. i don't know how in the world we can make that decision by monday afternoon given the recent nature of this attack. >> but unless the suspect stops
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talking or there proves to be a larger conspiracy, it is what graham said at the end of his news conference that's likely to capture more attention from congress in the days ahead, that is about what the fbi knew about the older brother tamerlan and when they knew it. >> how could we from 2012 until the attack miss all of the radical statements and activity this guy engaged in, the older brother, on the internet in the youtube videos? the fbi is telling me that some of the tools they need are not there. senate intelligence committee chair woman dianne feinstein announced monday her committee will look into the handling of tsarnaev at the time. that begins this afternoon with a classified briefing. the deputy director of the fbi and the under secretary of homeland security will brief house members later this evening. meanwhile at the white house and in boston and across the country yesterday, people stopped for a moment of silence to commemorate those killed and
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injured in boston a week ago. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams joins me now. let's clear up a couple things on the charges. the killing of the 346m.i.t. poe officer not included. explain it here for us. >> couple of points about this. numb per on number one, this charging document is a starting point. it is not the end of what they can charge him. it is to get the process going. there will be a grand jury indictment. it can be superseded as we go along so this isn't the totality of it. secondly, murder by itself is not a federal crime. so there's no federal strictly speaking, no federal jurisdiction over that killing. it may be that in the future they'll pull it into a broader conspiracy and they could add that to it, but standing by itself the federal government would not have jurisdiction. >> let's go to what did dzhokhar
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say during the questioning before he was read his miranda rights? what have we learned from that and what have we been able to confirm outside of what he said? >> well, none of it has been confirmed outside of what he says. he has been cooperative. sometimes by nodding, sometimes by writing notes. he's not speaking much. he did manage to say one word during the little brief hospital side initial appearance yesterday but they say he's toll them that he and his older brother were not in touch with any overseas terrorists or groups, that this was their idea. they came up with the bombing plan on their own, motivated by religious fervor and that they got their instructions on how to make their pressure cooker bombs from the internet, specifically an online magazine called "inspire," published by al qaeda which has included several articles on how to build bombs using pressure cookers. the design in "inspire" is very similar to the one that was apparently used to make their bombs according to the
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description in the court documents that were unsealed yesterday. >> was he able to provide any insight as to what his brother was doing in russia for six months or if he had, do we just not know that yet? >> we don't know that yet. i think it could have been outside the scope of what they're allowed to ask during this premiranda period. they have to confine themselves to things that could present a public danger and i guess if he covered the territory that they were not inspired by overseas groups, they may not have been able to go to that point. but i'm not sure. could be they've asked about it and we just haven't heard. >> how much pressure does the fbi feel about this issue of them interviewing him, tamerlan, the older brother, two years ago and the questions they're getting from congress today. >> well, i mean they understand that there's going to be -- this whole thing has to be explained. they are quite confident that they did everything that they could within the scope of the legal authority that they had.
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they get this request from russia. it's kind of vague. they say they think he has jihadist type interests but they don't provide further information when the fbi asks for it after the fbi comes up empty doing all their checks and interviewing him. now i think the larger question here actually probably has not so much to do with the fbi as it does to do with the whole intelligence apparatus. for example, if when the russians first sent had this request, should he have been watch listed by the intelligence community, something outside the fbi, that may or may not have been done. but if it was done, then what about the fact that he took this trip later in 2012? we understand that there was some issue of the spelling of his name. i think the first claim was that he -- >> that came up with
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abdulmutallab. >> the intelligence community claims it's made huge strides in commuter systems that can look for variance in names but apparently it is not just the name, it is the date of birth was entered incorrectly, there was more than one thing that was at odds here. this is not just a question for the fbi. >> all right, pete williams on the investigation. thank you, sir. president obama's early second term domestic agenda -- gun control, the budget and immigration reform. to recap where things stand, gun control defeated. the budget talk -- feels like a stalemate. no real signs of progress evident anywhere. now there's ill grags ammigratit seems to be moving through the senate. if congress passes immigration reform, this discussion launched today by "the new york times" about the president's legislative leadership will end up looking like a silly discussion because if he gets immigration, throw that in with health care, financial reform,
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don't ask/don't tell, repeal of that, fiscal cliff deal and all of that will look like big achievements. his legislative victories have come uglier that history suggests they came for other presidents -- but a win is a win. but if immigration doesn't pass, then this conversation that's being sparked about the president's abilities to navigate a divided congress, navigate washington will be justified. bottom line, it is too early to judge the president's second term but there's now a lot riding on immigration. in about 20 minutes from now, homeland security secretary janet napolitano will testify where yesterday, to say the least, tempers were high. >> few ways to improve the bill, off an amendment when we start mark-up in may and let's vote on it. i say that particularly to those who were pointing to what happened, the terrible tragedy in boston, as a, i would say, excuse for not doing a bill or delaying it many months or years. >> i never said that! >> i didn't say you -- >> i never said that!
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>> i didn't say did you, sir. >> i didn't say anything about -- >> i didn't interrupt you, mr. grassley. >> mr. chairman within don't appreciate demeaning the witnesses that come here. >> let me finish. >> man! a chuck schumer and a chuck grassley going after each other hurts this chuck. anyway, a divide is emerging in the republican party between those making it known they'll get behind the senate bill and those using boston as an excuse to kill or delay it in chicago. maybe the most important to speak out in favor of this deal, paul ryan, made it clear he is on the immigration reform train. >> we have a broken immigration system and if anything what we see in boston is that we have to fix and modernize our immigration system for lots of reasons, national security reasons, economic security reasons. for all those reasons we need to fix our broken immigration system. >> ryan said he's focused on the immigration proposal that's in the house he called what the senate is doing a very good step
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if the right direction. and the tone of his speech at the city club of chicago was also striking. >> we are a land of immigrants. i grew up just two hours north of i-90 in southern wisconsin where my family taught me about the melting pot, about how this country is made great by the people who's come to this country in search of a better life, in search of a dream. i'm the product of a wave of immigration just like current immigrants are. >> ryan's support gives house speaker boehner tons of cover to bring the immigration reform legislation to the floor even if it doesn't have a republican majority. senator rand paul pulls back from his endorsement of reform, "we shall not proceed until we understand the specific failures of our immigration system." "why did the current system allow two individual to immigrate to the united states from an area known as a hotbed of islamic extreme iism who the
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committed acts of terrorism." immigration is just one of the battles going on on the hill right now from the budget battle to the keystone pipeline, we'll talk to senator john hofe about those issues. the president obama hosting all the women noersenators for dinner tonight. there are four republican women senators there that could be part of any bigger deal. you're watching the only on msnbc. can acne cleansers be tough on breakouts
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proponents of the keystone pipeline say they've submitted for than a million comments to the state department over the course of the last 45 days and the senate has already weighed in. now republicans want president obama to make his decision. senator hoeven personally lobbied the president at a gop dinner with him last month. senator hoeven, good morning to you. i want to get to keystone in a minute but first what's going on in boston. what are the remaining questions you'd like authorities to answer? >> clearly we need to find out more about these guys, why they were doing these terrible things and this heinous attack on our people and really on our country and also we need to find out what the fbi knew, what
6:19 am
questions did they ask, tamerlan tsarnaev and what did they know ahead of time and we need to find out as much as we can to try to prevent this kind of attack in the future. >> do you think this should have any impact on the immigration debate or do you think this is a side washington argument? >> you know, it may have some impact but remember, with immigration we're trying to solve the problem. this is a huge problem we need to solve. we've got to bring people out of the shadows. we've got to enforce the border. so it may have some impact but we still have got to move forward and address the immigration problem. >> now you have said -- i want to move on to keystone here a minute. the reason we're bringing this up today, there is a public comment period so the state department had. it expired yesterday, the 45 days and a lot of opponents of the keystone pipeline, part of which -- it sort of goes through north dakota, the graphic we're showing. not quite -- looks like skims the border there.
6:20 am
mostly goes through montana, south dakota, nebraska, all the way down, eventually reaching the gulf. you personally lobbied the president. what's your sense of where the president was on this issue when you personally lobbied him at that dinner about a month ago? >> well, as you mentioned, the pipeline goes right next to my state but we'll put 100 barrels a day of light sweet and crude into that pipeline day one. it is a very important project not only for our state but for our country. president continues to delay. this project has been in the permitting process for over 4 1/2 years. the fourth environmental impact statement is being completed. that's the comment period you referred to. that's now done. the president needs to make a decision and not just keep continuing to delay this important project. >> what was his response to you? >> that he said, well, maybe some time this summer. but now the epa's come out and said we need to continue to look at greenhouse gas emissions and
6:21 am
continue to study pipeline safety. that's been done over and over and over again. state has come out and said no significant environmental impacts. so this is just, once again, moving the goal post. we need to just move forward now and move this -- approve this project. i'm trying to get that done congressionally. the president need to quit delaying. >> do you believe that this is really going to help energy independence here in the united states? most of this oil, isn't it designed to essentially go from canada through the united states and then get shipped elsewhere? >> no. as a matter of fact, the department of energy -- this administration's department of energy put out a study in june of 2011 and said very clearly we need the oil and the oil will be used in the united states. >> so you believe that this isn't just simply us helping the canadians transport it. >> right now between the united states and canada with some help from mexico, we produce 70% of the oil we consume. we continue to import it from
6:22 am
the middle east. americans don't want to depend on oil from the middle east. in the most recent poll 70% of americans want this project approved and the president has delayed it almost five years. >> talk about the budget, what appears publicly to be a stalemate. are these conversations the president's been having with an assorted group of republican senators, conversations you're having among some of your democratic colleagues, is there something going on that we're not seeing? >> i talk to the president self-times on this issue. my mess animal to him age to hio stay involved with congress. he needs to be directly involved with congress. we need to grind in out. we need to get to is a solution on the deficit and debt and that means pro-growth tax reform, entitlement reform in a way that preserves and protects medicare and social security. we need to get this done for the american people. if we do it, it means not only getting our spending under
6:23 am
control, we will see economic growth. we will see job creation and economic growth. >> now he offered -- he showed a little bit of leg putting in his budget this issue of changing the way social security benefits are calculated and he immediately got slapped down by the head of the republican campaign committee in the house. was that productive? >> look. we've been talking about getting a process to get to a solution and it's got to be bipartisan. he he made a step in the right direction when he talked about starting to address entitlement reform and that's the problem. you've got to find a way where we can come together on a bipartisan basis and do it. his budget still had too much spending and again raising taxes, but at least he opened the door a little bit. we've got to find a way to come together and get this done. >> how do you get members of your own party not to criticize him for it? that's going to just spook a whole bunch of other democrats, is it not? >> chuck, i think there's members in both parties that want to get this done and are willing to work to get it done.
6:24 am
that doesn't mean there isn't going to be some criticism back and forth but the president needs to join with us, build a process, be bipartisan in this effort and get it done and we've got to stay after it. we've got the debt ceiling coming up again. it comes up in may. obviously they have some time to work with there. but we've got to address this issue for the american people. >> are you willing to raise the debt ceiling if you knew the process is going to move forward even if it doesn't have a cut for every dollar that it's going up? >> there has to be a solution in place to our deficit and our debt. that's why this is an opportunity to get this job done. >> that's a high bar. you're saying the debt ceiling may not be raised if you don't have a solution in may? >> i think it is going to be very hard to get people to agree the debt ceiling unless we address our spending problems and reform our programs. >> all right. john hoeven, republican senator from north dakota, the former governor there. thank you, sir, for sharing your views. remember to watch the
6:25 am
networks of nbc universal all week long for our green week coverage from the politics of the environment, to the ways we can all work together to help go green. coming up, authorities foil another terrorist plot, this one targeting passenger trains. plus the road to redemption. congressman todd aiken trying to make a political comeback or just a statement? why he's just one in a long line of long shots trying for a second, or in some cases third act. when was the last time a south carolina democrat won a u.s. house seat previously held by a republican? first person to tweet the answer gets the shout-out. the answer including more on the keystone pipeline after "the daily rundown." ♪ i've got the power
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the president plans a trip to the dev of stated town of west, texas. former lawmakers planning a comeback. but first the alleged terror plot in canada has been buffed up where authorities say two men were planning to derail a passenger train. canadian authorities say the suspects had direction and guidance from al qaeda members in iran. the iranian government says those allegations of its involvement are ridiculous. this was broken up the way other plots in the u.s. have been broken up -- an infiltration. a new policy that was going to allow small knives, baseball bats and golf clubs on to planes was set to go into effect thursday but the tsa has put that policy on hold. tsa has been under pressure from lawmakers and flight attendants who want the ban to stay in place permanently. president obama will attend a memorial service on thursday for those killed in last week's devastating explosion in west,
6:30 am
texas. 14 people were killed, 200 injured when a fertilizer plant exploded devastating this town. the president is already scheduled to be in texas for the opening of the george w. presidential library. he will do that ceremony, then go to baylor university in waco for the memorial service. communities along the mississippi river are bracing for more storms that could make a bad flooding situation even worse. the governor of illinois is asking for fema help in addressing the damage already done by floodwaters. high waters expected in missouri. flood warnings issued for kentucky and tennessee. in hawaii democratic congresswoman kol clean hanabusa is planning to challenge brian schatz. inouye urged the governor to appoint hanabusa to his pete but the governor chose his lieutenant governor instead. this is going to be nasty, folks. todd aikman breaking his
6:31 am
silence in an interview with the nbc st. louis affiliate ksdk, one of our better affiliates out there. the network is playing along teasing the interview with the twitter #aikencomeback. >> it may be the greatest comeback ever. to this day, todd aiken continues to be attacked from all sides, especially from the republican establishment. >> karl rove obviously thinks that he's quite an authority. >> love our friends at ksdk. aiken isn't the only one trying to get back in the game. sharron angle lost to harry reid in the 2010 senate race by nearly six points. former new york congressman anthony weiner is back on twitter. albeit with a new handle. he already has 7,000 followers as of this morning. moch or on political comebacks, including five that rund the radar. people that are trying to make
6:32 am
comebacks that may actually win heading into the 2014 races. look at the five we highlighted of comebacks that may actually happen instead of focusing on mark sanford and anthony weiner. that's on our website, a donor who wants to put his billions to good use. he's starting by trying to kill the key stone pipeline. when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up.
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today in "deep dive," to meet the man who's been billed as the democrat's answer to the koch brothers. you may remember charles and david koch poured millions into the 2012 election but they may have met their match. thomas steyer, billionaire and former california hedge fund executive who's determined to put his own mind behind some environmental causes. a fitting topic for earthquake. he's already waged a few fights in california where he spent $50
6:36 am
million to support a proposition to fund energy projects and defeat another that would have suspended the state's global warming law. he took to the stage to promote the president's vision of a clean energy future. >> i say this not as the head of greenpeace or the sierra club, i say it as the head of an investment firm that's spent the last quarter century crunching numbers and making tough calls. president obama knows that advanced energy is america's future and my bet as a businessman is that he is exactly right. >> although the election is over, steyer remained in the spotlight. in april he hosted a fund-raiser at his home for president obama. he also appears to be gearing up to be a major player in the 2014 mid-terms. exhibit a is his role in the massachusetts democratic senate primary. that actually takes place a week from today. steyer has already spent over $400,000 to back congressman ed markey an oppose congressman
6:37 am
stephen lynch because he's resisted steyer's demand that he oppose the keystone pipeline. the effort puts the democrats in an uncomfortable spot benefiting from the kind of big money influence they've criticized in the past. lynch himself put it this way in a "boston globe" op-ed -- billionaires like tom steyer and the koch brothers can spend endless amounts of money to push their personal agendas while working families barely cling to the hope of a comfortable retirement. when did the risch decide their voices were more important than the voices of the rest of the american people. i sat down with tom steyer and asked him to respond. >> let me say this -- i agree with the idea that money is too powerful in politics. just happens to be the system that exists now. i think that i'm very different from the koch brothers in the sense that i have absolutely no personal interest in what happens except as a citizen of the united states.
6:38 am
so whereas they're representing points of view that are in their personal monetary interests, i'm actually representing the citizens of the whole country in terms of their diffuse interests against concentrated economic interests that the koch brothers represent. is there let's go to this issue of the keystone pipeline. do you want this a little bit of the symbol of this larger conversation that i think you're trying to start when it comes to energy. the president has made this emphasis on it's all about getting energy independent, no matter what it takes. and that the keystone pipeline may or may not be a part of that. he himself seems to be on the fence of whether that's a part of that. what should be the line on environmental concerns versus independence? >> well, i think that climate and energy are the most important generational challenge that we face today and i think that our generation -- i'm 55 years old -- is going to be
6:39 am
judged by how well we respond to it. so when i look at the issue, i ask myself, are we in fact going to take a view where we protect ourselves, where we protect our economy and we protect the future of our kids and grandkids? or are we going to do something that's got a very short-interpret payback? so when i look at the keystone pipeline, it is a 40-year investment in bringing very dirty oil that we can then ship to the chinese. if it isn't dug out of our country it isn't sent to our country. it just goes through our country. whereas in fact i see a completely different way to respond to this. i think that if we respond through american business to solve this energy and climate problem, we will make ourselves richer, healthier and we will respond to the biggest challenge of our generation. >> five years ago i was convinced watching the politics of climate change, if you will, that this was moving in a direction where you had sort of -- it was getting out of politics. then all of a sudden it's become
6:40 am
more politicized. you see this, what candidate obama said in 2008 about climate change, yes, what he said at his nug gu inaugural, but it seems the politics of this issue has scared democrats again. >> i don't think there's any question. we went through the 2012 campaign where climate was a word that couldn't be mentioned in polite company. we went through the campaign and no one really brought it up. >> yet it was the issue dujour -- >> couple things changed in terms of the politics. i think that it became a partisan divide in terms of entertaining climate so that people in the republican party feel as if they can't go along with trying to deal with this problem directly, and i think that we went through you a tough financial crisis that we really aren't out of. and so the overwhelming emphasis went to jobs. from my point of view, i
6:41 am
strongly believe that answering this question correctly, looking into the future, moving forward instead of looking backwards, we will create literally millions of jobs for americans. >> you've spent a lot of time and effort getting involved in california politics. are you now dipping a toe in national politics. how much of a force do you want to try to be in 2014 to change this conversation? >> well, i don't think it is about me. i mean i am overwhelmingly interested and concerned about this issue and trying to get americans to talk to each other to bring it out into the open and into people's consciousness. but -- and i'm willing to work extremely hard. i've said i'm willing to walk over broken glass to get people to deal with this. >> you're willing to spend a lot of money. >> i have spent a lot of money. from my point of view, if americans can learn about this, talk about it and see the advantages of dealing with it directly, then i'm willing to
6:42 am
work as hard as it takes to get that done. >> are you only trying to play on the democratic side of the aisle or will you get involved in republican primaries trying to launch the conversation, too? >> let me say this -- in california i have co-chaired two propositions. a lot of people think our propositions are crazy. one was to defeat a proposition -- >> you guys propose everything. >> one was to defeat a proposition. one was to propose and pass a proposition. we won both times. both of them i co-chaired with george schultz who was in the eisenhower, nixon and reagan administrations, who is someone i immensely admire. so we -- from the very beginning we designed those campaigns to be bipartisan, to appeal to business and labor, to appeal to every single ethnicity. so from my point of view, this is not a democratic problem, it's not a republican party, this is an american problem. we all have to face up to it together. >> tom steyer, thank you for
6:43 am
coming in. we'll watch to see what kind of impact you have as this issue has been waning and is probably going to take a lot of personal money to do this. thank you, sir. >> thank you, very much, chuck. the koch brothers had this response to what mr. steyer said -- mr. steyer's assertions about mr. charles koch and david koch are inaccurate. unlike mr. steyer, koch has consistently opposed any favored treatment or subsidy for any industry includie ining ones th would benefit our businesses. for more than 50 years charles koch and david koch have been outspoken in their support of the policies that advance economic freedom, limbed government and individual liberty. head to to see those numbers. any time the koch brothers warrant to come on the show we are happy to talk to them as well. our gaggle will be here next as budget cuts in washington begin to hit home. first, white house soup of
6:44 am
the day -- lemon chicken and brown rice. i believe this is a new one on the repertoire! this just in, our nbc white house producer stacy klein reports that after being shut down to pedestrian traffic for a week after the boston marathon bombing, pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house has reopened to pedestrian traffic. tours can walk by again. we'll be right back. ently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed.
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wireless is limitless. ♪ from finding the best way... ♪ to finding the best catch... ♪ wireless is limitless. consumers have selected a new taste for coke as we enter our centennial year. coca-cola with that new taste is going to roll all around the world. >> daily flashback. it was this day of infamy, 1985, when the president and coo of the coca-cola company announced what turned out to be a fateful decision. coca-cola was changing its formula citing statistical evidence gathered with the help of pollster and political genius. they were sure they had a winner on their hands. the reaction was so strong the
6:48 am
company had to bring back the original formula. when was the last time a south carolina democrat won a u.s. house seat that was previously heldpy a republican sm the answer was 1986. according to an analysis by the university of minnesota, south carolina democrats failed 47 times in a row to pick up a republican held house seat. if elizabeth colbert bush wins next month, she'll be the first since 27 years ago. congratulation to today's winner, nathaniel smith. if you have a political trivia question, e-mail us. we'll be right back with the gaggle. [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter.
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let's bring in our gaggle.
6:52 am
casey hunt and former democratic senator. good morning to all of you. apparently if it is tuesday it is dinner for women senators at the white house. i bring this up in case you are reporting. this is a regular quarterly dinner that all of the women senators have been doing for years. tell us about the dinner. >> it is a great opportunity for the women to come together. it is very laid back. we used to do it at the capital. it is just an opportunity to have fellowship. we talk about issues. we liked hearing each other's stories, what our families were up to. it was a great opportunity. >> every three months this dinner happens no matter what. >> every now and then a couple of things get in the way. often times some senators like dianne feinstein used to host this at her home. one year she had a magician come
6:53 am
and michelle obama came. >> casey, you have covered the senate for a while now. there is a bond that does seem to cross party lines. they were seemingly pretty good friends. >> absolutely. you can see it when you walk around the halls of the senate. this dinner tonight was supposed to be at senator's house. senator gillibrand says she suggested this to president obama. >> we have questions about whether the dinners are going to produce something. he is doing something that many criticized the president for not doing enough of. the president is not arm twisting at these things fwut is more of what you might see from a second or third year president
6:54 am
more of a get to know you session. >> the get to know you session is very important. reaching out to women particularly on the heels of the 2012 election season is important and it raises for the public awareness of the fact that what you hear a lot of women say behind closed doors. women have the ability to cross over party lines and get things done. i think from that standpoint alone this is a winner for the white house. >> of the 20 women senators 16 are democrats and 4 are republicans. are they going to be part of the larger budget deal conversation that happens if it happens. >> this is fisher's second dinner at the white house, of course. and that is the goal here. and collins is certainly somebody at the forefront of the deals. fisher is a freshman and hasn't taken a step out into the spot
6:55 am
light on something like this yet. >> did you find as the women ranks were growing that this was a possibility? >> absolutely. and it is the most critical part of what has been missing on capitol hill for years and that is the ability to get to know one another and build friendships. you have differences. it's so much harder to be ugly or to be mean when it's somebody that you know and it's a friend. that's always been the problem. >> i want to get to sequester very quickly in here. do you think this is the impetus? will frustration will flying force a deal with this? >> it has to. the sequester was never intended to become law. it was put together to try to force things into people. there's got to be. >> are we going to see reaction on capitol hill? republicans going to try to pass something specific to faa? >> does this mean they are going
6:56 am
to try to do a every time there is a problem? >> or do you try to do the big piece? >> i have to go to shameless plugs. >> 50th anniversary for the lawyers committee. go to the website. >> we have to build a workforce. 50% of the governors out there in their state of the union addresses talk about education. >> it's a great study. i know what you are talking about. my republican polling partner did a great analysis of the state of the state education. >> it is not glamorous but essential. >> pete williams. >> here it is. that is the way to look at it. that's it for this edition of "the daily run down" we know there is potentially intriguing breaking news. tomorrow we will talk to congressman mike mccall just hours after he received a top
6:57 am
secret briefing. and taking a dive to the race for john kerry's former senate seat. chris jansing, bye-bye. at the airports not too many problems. most likely be areas like kansas city or chicago or st. louis with rain or thunderstorms moving through. east coast looks okay. rain developing in boston. otherwise looks like a pretty nice day. enjoy. ♪
6:58 am
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